What file formats does TapMeasure export its 3D models to? Can I share it with others?

TapMeasure exports your 3D models as a .skp file. .skp files work best in SketchUp, but you can easily bring a .skp file into most major architecture and design programs.

If you can’t bring a .skp directly into your tool of choice, you can often bring it into SketchUp or another program that does, and then export a .dwg, .dae, or other more interchangeable format.

Additionally, you can share your 3D models easily via the TapMeasure Cloud. Simply press the share icon on the model viewer in the TapMeasure app, choose the method by which you’d like to share, and we’ll create a shareable link you can use with friends, family, professionals, or simply share on social media.

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