I'm a SketchUp user. How can TapMeasure help me?

Awesome! TapMeasure is going to make you blazing-fast at bringing a space into SketchUp.

Here's how it works:

First, outline the space using TapMeasure's "3D Room Builder" feature:

Then, follow the steps inside this tutorial to export the model and bring it into SketchUp:

Or, if you prefer your instructions in written form:

Once you've created the 3D model, hit the share icon in the top right. This will give you a list of options by which to share your model, even if it's just with yourself.

After you choose an option, the 3D model will upload and create a shareable web link. This will also email you a copy of the link by default.

This link will take you to an interactive web viewer for your 3D model, which you can share with anyone, or simply download a SketchUp-ready model of the room!

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