I’m a professional, and I’d like to use TapMeasure to help my clients or customers get me measurements. Do you have any options for me?

Yes! We think TapMeasure is a great way to get measurements directly from your clients when:

  1. Your client is located too far away to visit, and you’re providing them consultation around how much a job might cost, design and renovation ideas, or other services that can be provided remotely.
  2. Your client is in an inconvenient location, but still within your range of operation. You can use TapMeasure to get a 3D model of certain rooms, quick measurements, etc. throughout the project without needing to visit for every single dimension.
  3. You have a potential client in an inconvenient location, and while it isn’t economical to visit them for an initial estimate or consultation, you would definitely take it on if you had the project. You can use TapMeasure to get a 3D model of key rooms to create an informed estimate, start some concept designs, etc.

If you have an idea for a remote service and are wondering if TapMeasure will fit the bill, feel free to shoot us a message at support@tapmeasure.io with more information about what you’re looking to accomplish. Between TapMeasure, Canvas, and other products, we’ve seen a lot of different ways 3D can be employed in the home, and we’d be happy to share our perspective.

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